For those dogs who left footprints in our hearts,
warmth in our souls and joy and friendship in our lives.
We are proud that they were a part of our family
and we treasure their memories.........

All our dogs have a song. Sometimes it was chosen because
it symbols a time period in their life, some where chosen because
it fits them and some because for one reason or another,
the song and the dog belong together.
Whenever we hear one of their songs, it brings back so many wonderful memories
but also the sadness of losing them and letting them go....

Yosha and me
Her song was "Losing my religion" by REM. This song is from 1991 and was played a lot
in the period we went to Hungary for Yosha's mating. This song is directly connected with the wonderful time of our first litter.
This is our ancestress. Her official name is Oona Nortonia, we called her Yerosha (or Yosha, Bommel or Josefien).
She was born in Poland (Ch Liwien x Ch Ajna) on May-24-1987 and she died March-17-2000.
She was Ch. of Nl-D-B-Bsg’89-90, W’89-90, Esg’90.
In memory of Yosha:
"A good dog never dies
she always stays
she walks beside you
on crisp autumn days
when frost is on the fields
and winter's drawing near
her head is within our hand
in her old way."


His song is "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. When Bikrey and I entered the Ring of Honor in Milan in 1998
this song was on the speaker. Since then it has always been a symbol of our relationship together.

I bred my first litter with Hung. Ch Knyaz Igor Albin and Yosha in 1991.
Out of this combination I kept a male named Sarisin's Demon Bikrey (official home name Bikrey, aka Biekje, Lambiek).
He was the first Dutch bred champion in 1993. Bikrey is our most titled SRO ever.
He is Ch. of Nl-D-VDH-L-B- WCh’94-96, ECh’96-‘97’98, JW’92, W’93-‘94-‘95-‘96-’97-'99, EJS’92, Esg’93-‘95-’96, Bsg’94-’95.
He was Best in Show 8 times, also under Russian judges.
Bikrey died on April 6, 2001.
In loving memory:
"A caterpillar asked God: "What happens when I die?"
God replied: "Have you seen the butterfly?"
The caterpillar: "Yes, do I have to die to become one?"
God said: "No, not really. A part of you dies, but another,
stronger part of you continues to live - it just changes forms"
We are happy that Bikrey was with us for 9,5 years. We miss him but we treasure our memories and his children.


Sarisin´s Snezhnaya Baba Youghor 2002
Youghor's song is "Porcelain" by Moby. The time we traveled through Europe together from show to show
was accompanied by this song. It also emphasized the frailness of life when Youghor died much too young...

Our third litter was in February 1999 out of  Bikrey and Oona. From this litter we kept a sweet male called
Sarisin's Snezhnaya Baba Youghor (Youghor, but hardly ever called that way. We called him Youghyberra,
Youkje or Yoghurtman). He was not frequently shown but he was Nl.Ch, YW.'99, W'00-'01; he has 8 CACs, 3 CACIBs
and was BOB 7 times.
Youghor died much too young, much too soon on July 25, 2003 at the age of 4,5 years. He had a tumor near his heart that was incurable. His sudden death has shocked us and had a great impact on us.
We regret the fact that he did not have any offspring.
In sad memory:
"They say memories are golden, well, maybe that is true
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you
A million times I needed you, a million times I cried
If love alone could save you, you never could have died
In life I loved you dearly; in death I love you still
Within my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane
I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again......"


Sarisin's Debyoutant (Youta)
 19-09-1991 / 26-07-2005
Youta's song is "Amsterdam" by Coldplay. When she died, this song was on the radio and I thought it was
heartbreaking - just the way I felt at that time

Youta died on July 26 2005, 13 years and 10 months old.
With her, the last of the "puppies" from our first litter died.
Youta was an outstanding dog, a true SRO in character and exterior.
She gave a lot of joy, pleasure, love, affection and protection to all around her and she is deeply missed.

In loving memory:
"Truly beloved dogs don't die.
They gain wings
and fly away....."

Sarisin´s Debyoutant, 11 years old

Youta at the Dutch clubshow, Sept 2002, 11 years old

Youta is out of my first litter of September 1991.
She is Champion of Nl-D-VDH-B-WCh’94, W’93, Bsg’94, Esg’95-’96.

Youta lives with and is co-owned by our friends Mithé and Ronald. Youta was supposed to stay with us but
Glenn and I couldn´t choose between her and Bikrey. Finally we agreed to keep Bikrey and Ronald and Mithé
were happy to welcome Youta in their home. Since then Youta is the caretaker of the family - which
includes Ronald, Mithé, their daughters Shura and Maru, Zima and Nila, the cat.
On this picture, taken September 2002, Youta is 11 years old and BOB at the Dutch Ch.ship clubshow!!


Nov 1992 Amsterdam (Nl) Youth Class Very Good 1, Judge:
May 1993 Budapest (H) Open Class Exc 3, Judge: M. Bedrich (H)
May 1993 Natbergen (D) Open Class exc 2, Judge:
Sept 1993 Bergen (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Haniste (Est)
Oct 1993 Dortmund (D) Open Class Exc 1, Judge: Pohling (D)
Dec 1993 Amsterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/IB, W'93, BOB, Judge: Tan-Hitalati
Feb 1994 Eindhoven (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: Poduschka, (A)
May 1994 Brussels (B) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Belgian Winner, Judge: Assenmacher (D)
June 1994 Bern (Swiss) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, World Winner '94, Judge: Hubental (Norw)
Oct 1994 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Bssg'94, Judge: Pohling (D)
Dec 1994 Amsterdam (Nl) Ch Class Exc 2, res CAC/CACIB, Judge: Steinhausen (D)
Dec 1994 Hoogstraten (B) Ch Class Exc 1, Judge: Svarstad
April 1995 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Esg'95, Judge: Schulze (D)
Aug 1995 Berlin (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC, Judge: Thomassen, (Sw)
Sept 1995 Mechelen (B) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Judge: Kliebenstein (D)
Oct 1995 Dortmund (D) Ch Class, Exc 1, Judge: Gendrung (D)
Oct 1995 Hasselt (B) Ch Class, Exc 1, CAC, Judge: Perricone (It)
May 1996 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Esg'96, Judge: Pohling (D)
June 1996 Budapest (H) Ch Class Exc 3, Judge: Z. Katona (H)
Aug 1996 Christinendorf (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC, Judge: Hanniste
Sept 1996 Arnhem (Nl) Ch Class Exc 1, Judge: Wieldraayer (Nl)
May 1997 Werlte (D) Ch Class Exc 2, Judge: Pollet (B)
June 1996 Copenhagen (Den) Ch Class Exc 2, res CACIB, Judge: Fischer (D)
Nov 1999 Amsterdam (Nl) Ch Class Exc 2, res CAC/CACIB, Judge: P. Teixeiro (Port)
Sept 2002 Overberg (Nl) Veteran Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Brooijmans (Nl)
May 2004 Szentendre (H) Veteran Class Exc 1, CAC, Best Veteran, Judge: Haranyi (H)


Ch Knyaz Igor Albin
Ch Oona Nortonia
Ch Liwien
Ch Ayna
Ch Ataman

Youta in Szentendre, Hungary, May 2004

Youta, May 2004, 12,5 years old



Debora Taurapilis (Oona)
26-06-1996 / 05-10-2005
Oona has 2 songs....
Her actual song was "Drops of Jupiter" by Train, for some reason I don't remember.
But when she died so unexpected and unfair, "One Word" from Anouk said it all....

Oona became seriously ill in July. She was operated and although everything looked ok at first,
there were huge complications and she had to be operated again that following week.
Neither the vets, nor we, thought she would survive but we didn't think one moment about giving up
and the following 2 months Oona, Glenn, the vets and I fought for her life.
Against all odds we won the battle, and Oona did very well.
Untill that disastrous day, October 4, when she had to be operated again.
Everything looked fine, she woke up from the anesthetics but the next morning she died.
Her heart just simply gave up....
There are no words to describe our feelings, the hurt, the missing, the grieve.
Our anger against destiny, our loss.
My sweet, beloved and treasured Oona, our Mouse, we miss her so much.......

"One Word"
I close my eyes 
And imagine you're here 
Did it all seem so hopeless 
Given the chance 
I would ask 
Forgive me 
I didn't do a thing to make you stay 
I didn't say a word to make you stay 
If I would have known 
Could I have tried to make it easier 
But I didn't do a thing 
Or say a word 
One word 

And I don't know why you're gone, 
now you're gone 
No beautiful goodbye 
You will never leave my mind 
And it turns out to be so much different than our dreams 
Now you're a star in heaven 

My thoughts unsaid 
Stuck in my head 
And it all feels so useless 
Never forget to give all I have 
Forgive me 
I couldn't do a thing to make you stay 
And I couldn't say a word 
to make you stay 
If I could have known 
Could I have tried to make it easier 
But I couldn't do a thing 
Or say a word 
One word 

Oona June 2004

In 1996 we imported a female from Lithuania. Her name was supposed to be Demona Taurapilis but the tattoos
of her and her sister were mixed up so she was named Debora Taurapilis on her pedigree.
We call her Oona (which was supposed to be short for Demona...) but she is also known as Monky or Mouse.
She is a daughter of Anbi-Karo and Bela, both famous champions in their countries.
Oona's breeder is Ilana Kuliesiene.
Oona is EYCh'97, W'99 and Nl.Ch. She doesn't like to show, she is more into obedience and agility
and she takes her job as "caretaker of the house" very seriously.
Furthermore she is the educationer of all our pups, a job she does with great fanatism.
If Oona can't teach them manners, nothing can....


April 1997, Meppel (Nl) Youth Class, Exc 1, BOB, 3rd in Group, Judge: Krake (Nl)
May 1997 Leiden (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: de Wilde (B)
May 1997 Werlte, (D) Youth Class Very Good 1, Youth CAC, Youth Winner, Judge: Pollet (B)
June 1997 Copenhagen (Den) Youth Class 1st, Eur Youth Winner, Judge: Fischer (D)
Sept 1997 Well (Nl) Youth Class Very Good 1, Judge: Reinders (N)
Sept 1997 Doetinchem (N) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: de Wilde (B)
Oct 1997 Dortmund (D) Open Class Exc 2, res CAC, Judge: Vuorinen
Oct 1997 Venray (Nl) Open Class Very Good 1, Judge: de Gids (Nl)
Dec 1997 Amsterdam (Nl) Youth Class Very Good 1, Judge: Pollet (B)
March 1998, Zuidlaren (Nl) Open Class CAC, BOB, Judge: Suppan (Sw)
April 1998 Leeuwarden (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Judge: Redlicki (P)
April 1998 Genova (It) Open Class Exc 1, Judge: Franco (It)
May 1998 Dortmund (D) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, res CACIB, Judge: Bürk (D)
May 1998 Stahlbrode (D) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, Judge: Rotner (Slov)
Sept 1999 Orleans (Fr) Open CLass Exc 1, CAC, Judge: Yerusalimski (Rus)
Nov 1999 Amsterdan (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, W'99, Judge: P. Teixeiro (Port)


 Ch Anbi Karo
Ch Bela 
Donna Billa 
Lasta Lora 
Bella Donna 

Dog camp in Czech, 1999

French Clubshow September 1999


Sarisin's Zhdan Byeli Boyar (Zhdan)
* 18-04-2002   /   † 09-07-2008

Zhdan our runner, who didn't want to go for walks but enjoyed running besides the bicycle.
Ofcourse his song was "Born to Run" from Bruce Springsteen.....

Only 3 weeks after he was diagnosed with bone cancer, we had to say goodbye to Zhdanno and we had to let him go....
We had hoped to keep him a little longer, but even though he had the will to stay, he had no more strength to fight his disease.
Zhdanno, a BIG dog in posture and behavior, deeply missed by us and "his girls". He will live forever in our hearts......

I know that it must be different,
now that I am no longer there.
I realize how much I was loved
and how you did care.
I know it will be hard at first
when you look around for me.
Expecting to find me in the room
or beside my favourite tree.
Someday you will begin to see
although it'll take some time,
the happy times you shared with me,
the memories are yours and mine.
I'll remember you, my friend,
and how much you meant to me.
So please don't grieve and don't be sad,
it was just my time to leave......

Zhdan is usually called Stanley, Zhdanno or Daantje at home.
In April 2002  Zima had a litter of 4 males and 2 females. The father is Fun-Fun (USA, Russian import).
We originally planned only to keep a female from this litter, Byelka. But due to circumstances Zhdan, one of the males,
stayed a little longer and we decided to keep him as well. We believe it has been a good decision:
at the Euro Youzhak show 2002, a specialty SRO show judged by Mrs Elena Tsukanova, Russian breed expert
and president of the International SRO club, Zhdan was BEST IN SHOW at the age of 19 (!!!) weeks.
Zhdan is a powerful, big boned male of 75 cm who inherited his fathers sweet nature.
He is a gentle giant, soft and kind with people. He simply adores children,
and he is a gentleman towards female dogs and little creatures.
At home his favorite occupation is patrolling the fences of our garden, playing with "his" females
and running next to me when I bicycle, which we do on an almost daily basis. Good for his condition - and mine :-)


Zhdan is Youth World Ch '03, Youth Eur Ch '03, Bsg '04

= August 2002 Zbraslav (Cz) EURO YOUZHAK Baby Class Very Promissing 1, Best Baby, BOB, Judge: E. Tsukanova (Rus)
= August 2002 Zbraslav (Cz) Baby Class Very Promissing 1, Best Baby, Judge: P. Rahanek (Cz)
= March 2003 Budapest (H) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Hungarian Youth Winner, Best Junior, Judge: G.    Hargitai (H)
= May 2003 Goes (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Brooijmans (Nl)
= June 2003 Dortmund (D) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Youth World Champion 2003, Judge: Komasuridze  (Rus)
= Sept 2003 Kerk-Avezaath (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, Judge: Beenen (Nl)
= Oct 2003 Bratislava (Sl) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Best Junior, Youth Eur Champion 2003, Judge: Gerasimova (Rus)
= June 2004 Houten (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, 3rd in Show, Judge: de Gids (Nl)
= Oct 2004 Dortmund (Dl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Bsg '04, BOB, Judge: Kelemen
= June 2005 European Dogshow Tulln (A) Open Class Exc 2, res CAC/res CACIB, Judge: Jaroslav Matyas (Sl)


Zhdan at the Dutch clubshow, June 2004

Zhdan May 2003

Byelka & Zhdan cosy on the couch.........

Zhdan and Wilma

Playing with his sister Byelka

Zhdan and Aslan, our cat


* 21-03-1998
Sarisin's Youzhnaya Zima (Zima)

t 14-07-2010

Sarisin's Youzhnaya Zima, 14-07-2010
"Yellow" by Coldplay is Zima's song. The lyrics and music remember me of our wonderful
times together and her lovely children....

Goodbye, sweet Zima....
Today we had to let Zima go to the rainbowbridge.
She was 12 years and 3 months old and even though her mind was still okay, her body let her down.
Zima is the mother of our Z-litter, K-litter and V-litter.
She brought 13 puppies into this world who made life a little brighter.
We burried her under the same tree where we put her grandmother Yosha, mother Youta and son Zhdan to rest.
Zima will be deeply missed....

Look not where I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you hear
Don't cry for me cause
my spirit is near

I'll watch for you
From the other side
I'll be the one running
New friends by my side

Smile at my memory
Remember in your heart
This isn't the end
It's a brand new start

Maru & Zima, July 14

Zima at the Euro Youzhak at Szentendre, Hungary, May 2004

Sarisin´s Youzhnaya Zima is born in March 1998, out of Shalun Derzki Dunai
(Russian import) and Youta. Out of this litter I kept Zima, a very promising female.
She is Nl-D-VDH Ch., EYCh’99, EJsg'99, Esg'00-01, Bsg'99-'01, ENCI'00, W'00, Hung. Club Winner ´03, Club.W'07.
Zima is co-owned by Mithé and Ronald and lives with them and their daughters.
Zima has had 3 litters, the first one in April 2002 with Fun Fun, the second one with Ch Kapuchino Lutiy in May 2004
and the 3rd and last one with Belaja Vorozheja Voland in June 2006.
Zima is retired now, maybe she will be occasionally shown in Veteran class, for fun.

Zima is Nl-D-VDH Ch., EYCh’99, EJsg'99, Esg'00-01, Bsg'99-'01, ENCI'00, W'00,
Hung. Club Winner ´03, Clubwinner '07

* April 1999 Goes (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Levente (H)
* May 1999 Tulln (A) Youth Class Exc 1, Eur Youth Ch, Judge: Dondina (It)
* Aug 1999 Rotterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: Habig (D)
* Oct 1999 Dortmund (D) Open CLass Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Bsg '99, Judge: Rasch (D)
* Nov 1999 Amsterdam (Nl) Breeders Class Exc 1, Judge: P. Teixeiro (P)
* May 2000 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Esg'00, Judge: Schicker (D)
* May 2000 Goes (Nl) Open CLass Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: Reinders (Nl)
* June 2000 Milano (It) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, ENCI'00, Judge: P. Teixeiro (P)
* Sept 2000 Rucphen (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, BOB, 3rd in Group, Judge: Beenen (Nl)
* Sept 2000 Vetrkovice (Cz) Open Class Exc 2, Judge: Redlicki (Pl)
* Oct 2000 Poznan (Pl) Open CLass Exc 2, Judge: Yerusalimski (Rus)
* Nov 2000 Amsterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, W'00, Judge: Brody (H)
* May 2001 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Esg'00, Judge: Rasch (D)
* Oct 2001 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Bsg'01, Judge: Khomasuridze (Rus)
* Dec 2001 Brussels (B) Ch Class Exc 1, res CAC/CACIB, Judge: Chwalibog (P)
* March 2003 Budapest (H) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC, Clubwinner, Judge: G. Hargitai (H)
* May 2004 Szentendre (H) Ch Class Exc 2, res CAC, Judge: P. Harsanyi (H)
* Sept 2007 Houten (Nl) National Clubshow Veteran Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Clubwinner - at the age of 
                    9,5!!! Judge: R v Veen (Nl)


Zima passed the FCI Sheepherding test in Hungary, April 2004
It was the first time this official test was done with SROs, and both Zima and her daughter Byelka passed!!

Zima summer 2001

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