Seventh & Eighth


June 1 - June 15

             Red female                            Blue male                                White male
  Zhdana Bazhena Byelka      Zhemchug Malchik Merlinki      Zimoy Liubimey Lukamor

             Yellow male                             Beige female                        Black male
     Zabavney Pavel Popov           Zimnaya Zabava Darya            Zhdan Byeli Boyar

These pictures were taken on June 15, the last weekend the pups were together as a group. In that weekend Merlin, Luka,  and Darya went to their new homes. Popov was picked up 2 weeks later.
Zhdan and Byelka are our new familymembers, they will stay with Youghor, Oona and us.
We made a group picture especially for the occasion:


From left to right you see Zhdan, Byelka, Luka, Merlin, Darya and Popov



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