Sarisin's Youzhnaya Zima (Zima)
* 21-03-1998

Zima at the Euro Youzhak at Szentendre, Hungary, May 2004

Sarisin´s Youzhnaya Zima is born in March 1998, out of Shalun Derzki Dunai
(Russian import) and Youta. Out of this litter I kept Zima, a very promising female.
She is Nl-D-VDH Ch., EYCh’99, EJsg'99, Esg'00-01, Bsg'99-'01, ENCI'00, W'00, Hung. Club Winner ´03, Club.W'07.
Zima is co-owned by Mithé and Ronald and lives with them and their daughters.
Zima has had 3 litters, the first one in April 2002 with Fun Fun, the second one with Ch Kapuchino Lutiy in May 2004
and the 3rd and last one with Belaja Vorozheja Voland in June 2006.
Zima is retired now, maybe she will be occasionally shown in Veteran class, for fun.

Zima is NL-D-VDH CH., EYCH’99, EJSG'99, ESG'00-01, BSG'99-'01, ENCI'00, W'00

* April 1999 Goes (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Levente (H)
* May 1999 Tulln (A) Youth Class Exc 1, Eur Youth Ch, Judge: Dondina (It)
* Aug 1999 Rotterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: Habig (D)
* Oct 1999 Dortmund (D) Open CLass Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Bsg '99, Judge: Rasch (D)
* Nov 1999 Amsterdam (Nl) Breeders Class Exc 1, Judge: P. Teixeiro (P)
* May 2000 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Esg'00, Judge: Schicker (D)
* May 2000 Goes (Nl) Open CLass Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: Reinders (Nl)
* June 2000 Milano (It) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, ENCI'00, Judge: P. Teixeiro (P)
* Sept 2000 Rucphen (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, BOB, 3rd in Group, Judge: Beenen (Nl)
* Sept 2000 Vetrkovice (Cz) Open Class Exc 2, Judge: Redlicki (Pl)
* Oct 2000 Poznan (Pl) Open CLass Exc 2, Judge: Yerusalimski (Rus)
* Nov 2000 Amsterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, W'00, Judge: Brody (H)
* May 2001 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Esg'00, Judge: Rasch (D)
* Oct 2001 Dortmund (D) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, Bsg'01, Judge: Khomasuridze (Rus)
* Dec 2001 Brussels (B) Ch Class Exc 1, res CAC/CACIB, Judge: Chwalibog (P)
* March 2003 Budapest (H) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC, Clubwinner, Judge: G. Hargitai (H)
* May 2004 Szentendre (H) Ch Class Exc 2, res CAC, Judge: P. Harsanyi (H)
* Sept 2007 Houten (Nl) National Clubshow Veteran Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Clubwinner - at the age of 
                    9,5!!! Judge: R v Veen (Nl)



Zima passed the FCI Sheepherding test in Hungary, April 2004
It was the first time this official test was done with SROs, and both Zima and her daughter Byelka passed!!

Zima summer 2001

Sarisin's Youzhnaya Zima (Zima)
Sarisin's Zhdana Bazhena Byelka (Byelka)
Sarisin's Korovnicha Ayna (Ayna)
Darja Dushenka Adani Zari (Darja)
Belaja Vorozheja Rotmistr (Romis)

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