Sarisin's "K" litter


                                                                                             Kapuchino Lutiy                                           Sarisin´s Youzhnaya Zima (Zima)

............................   Born on May 11, 2004   ...........................

out of
Kapuchino Lutiy, MET DOJ 753/H/01 (Imp Ukraine)
Int. Ch, Hungarian-Romanian Ch, Hung. Youth Ch, Hung. Grand Ch,
Hung. Show Ch, Middle Europe Ch, Club Youth Winner (A),
Club Winner Hung, Pl, A
Sarisin´s Youzhnaya Zima, NHSB 2179255,
N-D-VDH Ch, Ejs´99-Bssg´99-01, Essg'00-01, ENCI'00-W'00

Our 3 girls

These 3 pups are little miracles.
In the beginning of March I went to Hungary with Zima to mate
her with Kapuchino. Because this was a long trip
and I had to go by train, the vet did several hormone tests on Zima, the
last one on the day we left for the trip. Even though Zima was already
bleeding for 16 days her hormone level didn´t go up, but because of our
train reservation, we had to go and hope for the best.
The day we arrived, on Friday, her hormone level was tested again. Still it
didn´t go up. I was a little bit worried but my trip back was on Monday so
there was still some time. Kapuchino's owner, Roland Taryanyi, was very
friendly, he told me not to worry and took me for sightseeing and SRO seeing in
the neighbourhood. On Sunday evening we brought Zima and Kapuchino together and while
Roland and I were with them in the garden (COLD! It was snowing that
weekend) Kapuchino mated Zima. I was so happy, knowing that my trip had not
been for nothing.
The next day Zima's hormone level was tested again. Much to our surprise, it
was still low, much too low, 1.0 instead of the 8.0 it had to be at least. I
decided to postpone my trip back until Wednesday and hoped that the level
would go up before then. Which it didn't and both Zima and Kapuchino weren't
interested in mating anymore at all.
So I went home, very disappointed, knowing that the mating on Sunday
couldn't bring anything. But to be sure - you never can tell and I still had
a little hope - we did a Relaxine test on the 30th day. This is a relatively
new test (at least here it is relatively new) and my vet said it is as good
as 100% reliable. If the dog has Relaxine hormone in her blood, she is
pregnant. If not, no pregnancy.
We did the test and it was negative. No relaxine, no pregnancy.
Ok, that's it then. I focussed my mind on other things than pups. We had the
Euro Youzhak to prepare and I was looking forward to this holiday and to
meet old and new friends and see their dogs.
We took Zima with us on the trip to Hungary (3000 km) and she herded sheep,
participated in the show, walked next to the bicycle, swam in the Donau, in
short, she had a great vacation. We noticed that she had a very bad false
pregnancy this time, much worse than usual but I didn't think anything of
it, the test was negative, so.....
Then on Thursday evening I received a phone call from Mithé, Zima's
co-owner. She kept on having these visions and dreams about Zima getting
pups. To reassure herself she took a stethoscope to listen and she clearly
heard a puppy heartbeat! The next day the vet made an xray of Zima and what
nobody ever thought possible showed clearly on the picture: 5 puppies.
Zima pregnant, against every logic, against science and nature, against all
odds but there they were, 5 little puppies. So we took Zima to our house
that same day, organized the puppyroom and whelping box, and waited for the
things to come. I was more surprised than happy at that time, all the time I
had been so sure she couldn't be pregnant that it took me at least 10
studies of the x ray before I could believe she really was.
On Tuesday evening, May 11, Zima gave birth to 5 puppies, 1 male and 4
females. Unfortunately the male and one of the females were dead but the
other 3 ladies are very "alive and kicking"!! Their weights were between 570
and 650 gram and they are steady growing since then.
I am very happy with this "unexpected" litter and proud of Zima who presented
us this unprepared surprise. I also lost my faith and believe in science and
tests :-)))))))) I can believe that one of the tests could have been
false, but all these different tests on different times and in different
countries? Nature clearly pulled my leg :-)

First week: May 11-18
Second week: May 18-25
Third week: May 25-June 1
Fourth week: June 1-8
Fifth week: June 8-15
Sixth week: June 15-22
Seventh week: June 22-29
Eighth week: June 29-Juli 8

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