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May 2003

Byelka is called Byelik, Lellik or Squirrel (Byelka means "squirrel" in Russian :-) by us.
When Zima had her first litter in April 2002, Byelka was the first born puppy. The moment she arrived I knew she was
"the one" and I decided to keep her. Since that time we have an intens relationship although we don't
always agree with eachother. She is a powerful and stongwilled female, who is an excellent companion for all other dogs.
She adores people she knows and needs just a little time to adjust to strangers. But once she welcomes them in her heart,
there is no escape possible! Hugs and eternal adoration will be your part.
Byelka is 69 cm, she has strong, powerful bone and a beautiful head. Her profuse coat gives me a lot of work
but is a joy to look at.
She likes to make long walks and prefers them over the bicycle trips we often make. She is our only dog that
does not like to eat tripe and pasta, but she is crazy for chicken and bread.


Byelka is Int Champ, Nl Ch, Youth World Ch '03, Youth Eur Ch '03, W'03-04, ClubW'03, Bsg '03, Esg'04

* August 2002 Zbraslav (Cz) EURO YOUZHAK Baby Class Very Promissing 1, Judge: E. Tsukanova (Rus)
* August 2002 Zbraslav (Cz) Baby Class Very Promissing 1, Judge: P. Rahanek (Cz)
* March 2003 Zuidlaren (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Mosiman (Sw)
* March 2003 Budapest (H) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Hungarian Youth Winner, Best Show dog, 
   Judge: G. Hargitai (H)
* June 2003 Dortmund (D) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Youth World Champion 2003
   Judge: Komasuridze (Rus)
* June 2003 Apeldoorn (Nl) National Club Young Dog Day 1st place, BEST IN SHOW, Judge: W. Deijl (Nl)
* Sept 2003 Kerk-Avezaath (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, BEST IN SHOW, Judge: Beenen (Nl)
* Oct 2003 Bratislava (Sl) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Youth Eur Champion 2003, Judge: 
   Gerasimova (Rus)
* Oct 2003 Dortmund (D) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Bsg '03, Judge: Jaroslav Matyas
* Dec 2003 Amsterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, W'03, Judge: Z. Brankovic
* May 2004 Szentendre (H) EURO YOUZHAK Open Class Exc 1, CAC, Judge: P. Harsanyi (H)
* May 2004 Dortmund (D) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB BOB, Esg '04, Judge J. Eberhardt (D)
* Sept 2004 Lelystad (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: C. Beenen (Nl)
* Nov 2004 Amsterdam (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, W '04, Judge: A. de Wilde (B)
* June 2005 Hoogeveen (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, BOB, BEST IN GROUP, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW
   Judge: A. Beenen (Nl)
* Sept 2005 Luxemburg (L) Ch Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, Judge: P. Jentgen (L)

* Sept 2005 Houten (Nl) Open Class Ecx 1, CAC, BOB, 3rd Best in Show, Judge: M. Wieldraayer (Nl)
* Oct 2005 Dortmund (D) Champion Class Exc 1, CAC/resCACIB, Judge: Mrs A. Thomassen (S)
* May 2006 Szentendre (H) Euro Youzhak, Champ Class Exc 1, CAC, Best female, BOB, BEST IN SHOW!!!
   Judge: Mrs Irina Furyanova (Ukraine)


2 months old......

Byelka 5 months old at the beach with her mother Zima and grandmother Youta

At the National Clubs Young Dog Day, June 2003

Byelka passing her sheepherding test, April 2004

Byelka and her half-sisters (K-litter)

Sarisin's Youzhnaya Zima (Zima)
Sarisin's Korovnicha Ayna (Ayna)
Braveheart Baykeri Belyj Boyar (Boya)
Darja Dushenka Adani Zari (Darja)
Belaja Vorozheja Rotmistr (Romis)
Sarisin's Ruskoy Altai (Altai)

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