Braveheart Baykeri Belyj Boyar (Boya)
* 03-03-2006

Boya came to us when she was 9 months old. I had seen her on the show in Poznan with her
breeder Piotr and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.
A few weeks later I got a message from Piotr, asking me if I wanted to buy her.
Glenn and I didn't have to think about it: YES!!! Ofcourse!
On December 11, 2006 Boya made her entry in our house and our hearts and she fits in like she has always lived with us.
She is a wonderful girl with a super character and a very typical sense of humor.... :-).

Boya's show results:

Boya is European, Croatian, Dutch and German Youth Champion, Bundessieger '07, W'07-'08, Brussels W'08, Nl, Swedish, Hungarian, European '08, ClubWinner '08-'09 and International Ch.


- November '06 European Dog show Poznan, (Pl) Puppyclass Very Promissing 1, Best Puppy, Judge: Selimovic


- Feb. 2007 Eindhoven (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Korósz (Hun)
- Feb. Rheinberg (Dld) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, BOB, Judge: Heikkinen (Fin)
- March Groningen (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, Youth CAC, Judge: Sliwka (Pl)
- April Leeuwarden (Nl) Youth Class VG 1, Judge: Schweitzer (S)
- April Oldenburg (Dld) Youth Class VG1, Youth CAC, BOB, Judge: Schicker (Dld)
- May Apeldoorn (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, BOB, BEST IN SHOW!! Judge, J. Wauben (Nl)
- June 8, Zagreb (Croatia, European Dog show) Youth Class Exc 1, YCAC, Judge P. Krol (Pl)
This made Boya European and Croatian Youth Champion!!
- June 18, Almere (Nl) Youth Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB, Judge: Deschuymere (B)
Boya is Youth Champion of the Netherlands now!!!
- July Cloppenburg (Dld) Youth Class VG1, YouthCAC, BOB. Judge: E. Deutscher (A)
Boya is Youth Champion of Germany!!
- Sept. Houten Dutch Clubshow Youth Class Exc 1, res CAC. Judge: Mrs Roel van Veen (Nl)
- 13 Oct. Dortmund (Dld) Bundessieger Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB/BOB/Bundessgr'07. Judge: Zidar (Slov)
- 14 Oct. Dortmund (Dld) National show Open Class Exc 1, CAC/BOB. Judge: Kliebenstein (Dld)
- 25 Nov. Amsterdam (Nl) Winner show Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, W'07, BOB. Judge: v.d. Berg (Nl)


- 2 March Groningen (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB. Judge: A. Beenen (Nl)
- 24 March Leeuwarden (Nl) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB, 6th in Group 1. Judge: Mr John Wauben (Nl)
- 12 April Antwerpen (Belgium) Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB. Judge: Mr Pecoult, France
- 25 May Arnhem (Nl) Specialty FCI Group 1 show, Exc 1, CAC, BOB, 6th in SHOW!. Judge: Mr C. Beenen (Nl)
- 14 June Mohelnice, (Cz) Specialty SRO show, Open Class, Exc 1, CAC, Best Female. Judge: Mr P. Rehanek (Cz)
- 15 June Mohelnice, (Cz Rep) EURO YOUZHAK, Open Class, Exc 2, res CAC. Judge: Mr M. Redlicki (Pl)
- 21 June, Brussels (B) Open Class, Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, BOB. Judge: Mrs Haapaniemi (Fin)
- 4 July, Stockholm (S) World Dog Show, Open Class, Exc 2, res. CAC. Judge: Mr A. Zhuk (BelaRus)
- 5 July, Stockholm (S) World Winner Circuit, Open Class, Exc 1, CAC. Best Female. Judge: Mr Doyle (Irel)
- 7 Sept. Houten (Nl) Dutch Clubshow Open Class Exc 1, CAC, BOB. Res Best in Show. Judge: Mr. J Wauben (Nl)
Boya is Netherlands Champion now!!
- 3 Oct. Budapest (H) Karakan Clubshow Open Class Exc 1, CAC, Best Female. Judge Mr A. Vinnai (H)
- 5 Oct. Budapest (H) European Dogshow Open Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB. Judge Mr G. Hargitai (H)
Boya is Hungarian, European '08 and International Champion now!!
- 19 Oct. Dortmund (Dld) Open Class Exc 1, CAC, res CACIB, Judge E. Deutscher (A)
- 30 Nov. Amsterdam (Nl) Winner show Ch. Class Exc 1, CAC/CACIB, W'08, BOB. Judge: Wieldraaier (Nl)


- 18 July Clubshow CBEI France Ch Class, Exc 1, CAC. Judge: Makaritis (Greece)
- 6 Sept. Soest (Nl) Dutch Clubshow Ch Class  Exc 1, CAC, BOB, BEST IN SHOW!! Judge: Mrs Erica Bakker (Nl)
- 8 Oct World Dogshow Bratislava Ch Class Exc 4. Judge Alexey Belkin, Russia


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