Sarisin's Ruskoy Altai (Altai)
* 12-04-2010

Altai was the "grey male" in Boya's second litter. He was an adorable little man with a strong will.
We chose to keep him because he appealed to us and we thought his character and behavior
were a match with us and our "girls".
It took us some time to get used to him because he is completely different from all the other males we had before....
but now, 12 months old, he "fits like a glove" :-))
He gets his education from Byelka, is bullied by Ayna and he gets his ears washed by his mother Boya.
He is funny, friendly, always in a good mood, playfull and the family Benjamin.
We all love him and adore him, each in our own way - he stole our hearts ....

Altai's show results:

08-05 Dortmund, Jahrhundert Sieger show, Youth Class Exc 1 Youth CAC, Youth JahrhundertSieger, judge Mrs Assenmacher (Dld)
25-04 Leeuwarden, Youth Class, Exc 1, Youth CAC, BOB, judge: Mr Häberli (Ch)
06-03 Groningen, Youth Class, Exc 1, Youth CAC, Judge: Mr T. Eerola (Fin)


05-09 Club show of our National Club, 1 Very Promissing, Best Baby, judge: Mr R. Douma (Nl)
13-06 Young Dogs Day of our National Club, Very Promissing, judge: Mr J. Schepers (Nl)


Sarisin's Zhdana Bazhena Byelka (Byelka)
Sarisin's Korovnicha Ayna (Ayna)
Darja Dushenka Adani Zari (Darja)
Belaja Vorozheja Rotmistr (Romis)
Sarisin's Ruskoy Altai (Altai)

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